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Optional Upgrades
We have a range of upgrades you can add to your shed or summerhouse, scroll down to find out more. 

Rubber Roofing


EPDM Rubber Roofing is a replacment for shed felt.


Comes with a 20-year manufacturers guarantee & a 50-year life expectancy. 

Laid in one entire sheet rather than in rows like felt. 

Extra Height


Extra Height increases your buildings height to 8ft 1" at the highest and 7ft at the lowest point externally. 

This translates to roughly 6" less for internal head room. 

Breathable Membrane

dgb breathable membrane inside .JPG

Breathable Membrane is a waterproof sheet material that lines the walls of your summerhouse. Works as an extra layer of protection against moisture and damp. Good if you're going to be adding electrics. 

UPVC Range

dgb pent upvc summerhouse .JPG

UPVC Windows & Doors come in anthracite grey and double glazed as standard. 


Doors come with locks & keys. Windows can be opening or fixed.  

Opening Windows


Standard Range Opening Windows. These are hinged at the top and come with an internal window stay to keep them open or closed. Can be long or short windows. 

Joinery Range


Joinery Windows & Doors come with locks & keys as standard, a great mid range product. Windows can be opening or fixed. 

Comes single glazed as standard but can be upgraded to double glazing.

Cladded Overhang

dgb pent joinery 1 .jpeg

Cladded Overhang is a great option if you are looking to add spotlights to your summerhouse. A nice finishing touch. 

Double Glazing

double glazing .webp

Double glazing can be fitted to our standard range windows and doors. 

Useful if you are going to be insulating your shed or summerhouse. 

Timber-Framed Base

dgb timber framed base .JPG

A Timber Framed Base creates a level frame for your building to be erected onto. Built from 4x2CLS timbers. 

Ground under the base is suggested to have a gradient of no more than 6" for maximum strength in the base. 

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