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Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions


Tanalised timber is treated in a way in which Tanalith E treatment is forced into the timber under extreme pressure in a treatment tank. Due to this pressure, treated timber only dries out once installed. On average a standard 8×6 shed can hold up to 15-20 litres of water in the wood upon installation. During the drying-out period, timber can leak via the knots and shakes in the wood, this is perfectly normal as the wood is now soaking up moisture due to drying out, this is not a fault. Any gaps that were to appear should be filled using an adequate wood filler. Garden buildings in heavy, persistent rain are not 100% watertight. Timber being a porous material will start to soak water through the cladding after prolonged saturation; using a high-performance oil-based treatment will help to alleviate the extent of water ingress. 

Please bear in mind that timber is a natural product that needs care and maintenance, and is subject to naturally occurring changes, which we have no control over. Temperature and humidity can result in some movement of the timber and the roofing material. We use a high-grade polyester roofing felt, there may be some rippling/movement after installation, this is due to temperature change, it is not detrimental to the building and is beyond our control. This should settle down after a period of time. Our windows and doors do not come silicone sealed however this is suggested afterwards if you are to be insulating and adding electrics to your building. We use toughened glass as standard throughout most of our garden buildings. The option to upgrade to double glazing is available for an additional cost. 

Please understand wood is a natural material meaning the product is subject to changes because of weather conditions and changes in temperature. We cannot accept liability for splits, shrinkage, knots, expansion, warping, variations in colour and other natural imperfections. We do advise adding bolts to both the top and bottom of standard range doors to protect against any movement that may occur to temperature changes in the summer time.

Confirmation of your order - On confirmation of the order a deposit of 15-25% will be taken, this is payable via BACS, credit or debit card. The remaining balance is paid on completion of the building, this is due to be paid in cash or via BACS payment. Upon paying your deposit you will receive a receipt via email followed by a sketch of your design, your week of delivery and another invoice within 10 days of paying your deposit.

Access – fair and reasonable access must be given on the day of installation. We require at least 7.5ft in height clearance with no tight turns or angles our team would struggle to carry large wooden panels around. This increases to 8.5ft with extra height buildings. Please bear in mind that all sizes are external, please allow at least 3-4″ all the way around the building for the overhang, and 18” at the front. Please also make sure to leave enough room around your base & building to treat all panels as required after installation. Please check for any restrictions or obstacles that will prevent access, including height and width. Certain size buildings will not fit through a standard house door, through a ginnel or under an arched gate for example. We can manufacture buildings in modular form for tight access at an additional fee. We do NOT under any circumstances carry buildings over roofs, carports, outdoor buildings, fences, walls or over long distances, due to insurance purposes. It is your responsibility to inform us upon ordering of any issues regarding access to your garden. It is at the discretion of our experienced fitting team to abort the delivery if they deem access to be unsuitable or too dangerous, to allow installation of the building. A re installation fee of £500 - £1000 will be payable if access to install the building is not suitable and a reinstallation in required. The building will be left with you and the total balance must be paid to the fitting team.

Base – it is essential that your base is correctly prepared and is solid, flat and level, allowing enough space around the building for installation and maintenance. Bases that are not level can affect the opening of doors/windows or cause the building to twist. All sheds erected upon customers' own bases that are NOT level will render the guarantee void and no liability will be accepted for buildings erected upon customers' bases under their instruction. It is at the discretion of our experienced fitting team to determine whether or not the base is suitable. A re installation fee of £500 - £1000 will be payable if access to install the building is not suitable and a reinstallation in required. The building will be left with you and the total balance must be paid to the fitting team. We advise against building your base in rows of any form. We suggest a completely solid and level platform to be provided on the day. If your base is built in rows this may cause issues with installation on the day. If we are required to return due to an unsuitable base, a reinstallation fee of £350 per team required will be payable. The building will be left with you the customer and the total balance must be paid to the fitting team. 

General care – all of our buildings are sold with an anti-rot guarantee, however fair and reasonable care must be given in maintaining your building. We use high-grade pressure-treated timber to clad our buildings, shrinkage, cracks, splits and falling knots are all natural occurrences, with no liability accepted where this occurs, however, a high-performance oil-based treatment can help to stop this process. ALL buildings must be treated with an oil-based treatment within 7 days of installation. Failure to do so will void any guarantee. If water penetration starts to occur, your building is now ready for another coat of treatment. We do not recommend the use of water-based treatments. No liability will be accepted if the incorrect type of treatment is applied to your building. We also recommend that you regularly oil the ironmongery i.e. door and windows hinges/handles. Timber being a natural product may warp, we supply turn buttons to secure the door, these must be used when not in operation to help stop doors warping in climate changes. The roofing boards in your building are not treated. These are made using a high-quality, external grade ply board. We recommend ALL customers to treat their roofing boards with 2-3 coats of Everbuild 3-in-1 mould treatment within 7 days of installation. This will protect your roofing boards from the rising moisture caused by condensation during the colder months. Once the mould treatment has dried on the boards, we would also recommend spraying these with the same oil-based water sealant used on the outside of the building, this will create a waterproof layer over the boards and again prevent any moisture from soaking into them. Failure to do so will void any guarantee. Please note Joinery Made products (windows and door) do not come pre-treated. These will need treatment with adequate protective treatment within 7 days of installation to prevent mould growthWe reserve the right to request a receipt as proof of treatment for both the oil-based and the mould treatment should any defects occur. Rising condensation in the colder months of the year is common in garden buildings, the best way to protect against this is to treat your roof as suggested and to also insulate your building internally and ensure adequate ventilation. Please understand windows and doors may need to be sealed using silicone to make them watertight, this is not a service we offer. We also recommend all customers to add guttering to their building in due course. This will help divert rainwater away from the walls of the building and the base in heavy rainfall and again protect against any water ingress. 

Guarantees - All of our buildings come with a 10-year anti-rot guarantee as standard which applies to the walls, framework, and flooring of the building. We recommend treating your roofing with a mould treatment within 7 days of installation to protect these from rising condensation during the colder months. Failure to do this will void any guarantee. The roofing felt we use is a high-quality polyester felt which comes with a 6-month guarantee from the date of delivery. Our rubber roof option comes with a 20-year guarantee. The overall structure of the building also comes with a general 6-month manufacturer's guarantee from the date of delivery. Guarantees do not however cover acts of nature including but not limited to damages caused by strong winds and storms. IE roof felt blowing off during a storm, this is why we recommend that you add your new building to your household insurance. Guarantees do not cover natural occurrences such as shrinkage, expansion, warping or splitting of timber as this is something we cannot control. 

Cancelling your order – upon ordering your building we request a deposit, deposits on all bespoke buildings are non-refundable. If you decide to cancel your order within 7 days of your scheduled delivery week, you will pay us any costs reasonable incurred starting to fulfil your order.  If for any reason you are unable to take delivery for your building on the agreed date we will be more than happy to postpone your delivery and installation for up to 12 months keeping your deposit secure. If you do still wish to cancel your order completely, you are liable to lose your deposit. 

Amending your order – any amendments to your order, such as window/door positions, can be made up to 10 days before the delivery of your buildings. Joinery and UPVC products are ordered and a longer wait may apply if you decide to add these to your order. 


Any problems with your product - In the unlikely event that there is any defect with your product, please contact us to make us aware as soon as possible with time-stamped photographs via email. Please allow us a reasonable opportunity to repair and defects as soon as reasonably possible. 


If it is agreed between you and us that we will repair the defect, we will inform you of a date on which we shall attend the premises to repair the defect. We will require adequate access to the product but we will not be liable for any losses incurred as a result of you or a third-party choosing to be present when we are attending to repair the product


Alternatively, we may at our absolute discretion issue a partial refund, the amount of which shall be determined by us, taking into account reasonable labour time and/or the cost of like-for-like materials. This partial refund will be issued for the purpose of you instructing a skilled tradesman local to the premises on which the goods were erected to carry out the repairs. In these circumstances, We shall not be liable for any losses incurred as a result of your failing to instruct a skilled tradesman to carry out the repairs or for any losses incurred by you as a result of the tradesman’s actions. After issuing a partial refund for this purpose, We will not be liable for any further repairs to that particular defect.


We only supply our products for domestic and private use. We have no liability to you for any loss of profit, loss of business, business interruption, or loss of business opportunity. We cannot accept liability for splits, shrinkage, knots, expansion, warping, variations in colour and other natural imperfections. All sizes and measurements must be regarded as approximate. We cannot accept liability for any damage to anything stored inside of the building including but not limited to insulation and electrics. 

On completion of your building, you will be given a customer satisfaction form to sign. You may also be sent a copy to sign via email.

This form is to make sure you're happy with your building before the fitters leave the job, and if on the rare occasion, there is something you're unhappy with, please ask the fitters to put this right before they leave. If they are not made aware of any issues and we are required to return at a later date there may be a wait time of weeks/months until we're next in your area. Most importantly this form helps us make sure you're left with a new garden building that you're happy with. 


If an issue is noticed that cannot be rectified on the day, or if there is any reason we will need to return to you at a later date, please make the office staff aware by sending us an email on the day of installation so we can arrange the soonest available date to return. Return dates cannot be confirmed by the fitters or over the phone, only via email. If an email is not sent to us, it is likely we are not aware and that a return is necessary. Please allow up to 48 hours for a response. 

We only use our own team of fully trained, experienced fitters and any information given by the team is done so of their own free will and may not be supported by Quality Garden Buildings UK, our experienced fitters will offer advice but this is in no way a verbal guarantee nor binding in any way.

We reserve the right to cancel or amend delivery dates at short notice due to adverse weather, mechanical breakdown, staff disputes, sickness, traffic or any unforeseen circumstance out of our control. We will contact all customers if this affects your delivery as soon as possible. Please be aware that all delivery times are given as estimates and are not guaranteed. Delays can happen for a number of reasons outside of our control and we will always do our best to get to you as soon as possible. Our fitting team will liaise directly on the day with the customer to give approximate times of arrival. If we have to abort a delivery you will be rescheduled into our next available slot. We are not liable for any costs incurred, loss of earnings or other losses with relation to a late, amended or cancelled delivery.

VAT is changed on all deposits, however, may not be charged on final balances as these are paid to a separate company to keep costs low for customers. Quality Garden Buildings Manufacturers Limited are wholly responsible for the manufacturing, delivery and installation of all garden buildings and for all aftercare or potential issues had they arise. Any and all liability falls Quality Garden Buildings Manufacturers Limited after the delivery of all garden buildings. 

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