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Base Guidlines

Why build a base?

It is essential that all garden buildings are assembled on a firm and solid base constructed from an appropriate and durable material. Without the correct base buildings may be very difficult to assemble and in many cases may be assembled incorrectly leading to future deterioration of the product such as doors dropping out of square and becoming difficult to open/close or water leakage. Assembling a garden building on an incorrect base is also likely to invalidate any guarantee that your product may carry.


Where to build a base?

When deciding where to place your garden building, you need to take a few things into consideration.


Firstly, please remember not to place the base too close to any walls or fences as there may be a slight overhang on the roof of the garden building. Secondly, placing the base next to trees or large bushes could also cause problems from overhanging branches especially if these are likely to grow and come into contact with the building in the future. In this case, please cut these branches in advance. Once the garden building has been assembled, please check overhanging foliage regularly as any rubbing on the roofing felt may lead to your garden building becoming susceptible to rain and extreme weather conditions.


Furthermore, when deciding the optimum location for your base and garden building please consider access – for example access around each side of the garden building in order to apply wood treatments or preservative. Try to visualise what the garden building will look like in the position selected – you may not want to carry large or heavy objects right down to the end of your garden. You may also want to consider where the building is most likely to receive natural light or a have nice view, especially for buildings such summerhouses or log cabins. Finally, if you intend to fit an electricity or water supply to your garden building, you may need to consider where would be most appropriate to cater for this (i.e. Distance to mains electricity/water supply).


What Materials should we use to build the correct base?

We highly recommend the following bases to support the weight of your shed and to help assist with its shelf life.


– Concrete Pad

– Concrete Posts

– Timber Framed Base

– Slabs

– Sleeper Base

How to build a Base?

To construct a professional base we would recommend using a reputable local builder or handyman however if you feel comfortable with the task then it is relatively straightforward to construct your own base;


Please Note: It is strongly advised that you build your base either to the exact size of the shed  or made slightly larger than the dimensions of the garden building

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