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Treating Your Garden Building


Information On The Process Of Tanalising


Your product has been manufactured in pressure-treated softwood (Scandinavian Redwood). This process is often referred to as tanalising. Tanalising involves impregnation with Tanalith E (environmentally friendly) wood preservative under controlled conditions in a vacuum pressure timber impregnation plant. When impregnated into the timber the chemicals become fixed into the timber and cannot be removed. At times the treatment leaves a green residue on the surface which will normally wear off with use. This is a feature that occurs but is not considered a blemish, the residue is not harmful. Although tanalising does protect your building from damaging rot, during the colder months and in damp conditions surface mould can still grow on the surface of the timber. We suggest cleaning this off with a damp cloth. We also suggest regular ventilation of your building to prevent the build-up of condensation in the colder months of the year. 

The 3 x things we recommend all customers do to look after their new garden building

1 - Treat the outside of your building with an oil-based water sealant within 7 days of installation. This will help waterproof your building and protect it too. Failure to do this will void your warranty. 

2 - Treat your roofing boards with a suitable mould treatment within 7 days of installation. Your roof boards are made using a high-quality external grade plyboard. These, unlike the rest of the building, do not come pre-treated. We recommend treating these with an Everbuild 3-in-1 mould treatment within 7 days of installation, this is to protect the roof boards from the rising moisture caused by condensation during the colder months of the year and prevent any mould growth. Once the mould treatment has dried on the boards, we would also recommend spraying these with the same oil-based water sealant used on the outside of the building, this will create a waterproof layer over the boards and again prevent any moisture from soaking into them. Failure to do this will void your warranty. Please note if you have ordered Joinery Made products (windows and door), these do not come pre-treated. These will need treatment with adequate protective treatment within 7 days of installation to prevent mould growth. Failure to do this will void your warranty. 

The two above treatments can be bought and applied usually for under £70. 

3 - We do also suggest to customers to add guttering to their buildings. This will help to divert water away from the walls and floor during heavy rainfall and again prevent any water ingress. There is no time constraint on getting this done however we do suggest this as soon as possible. 

With these 3 x things in place your new garden building will be sure to last you 20 + years with the correct regular maintenance. 

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