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Treating Your Garden Building


Information On The Process Of Tanalising


Your product has been manufactured in pressure-treated softwood (Scandinavian Redwood). This process is often referred to as tanalising. Tanalising involves impregnation with Tanalith E (environmentally friendly) wood preservative under controlled conditions in a vacuum pressure timber impregnation plant. When impregnated into the timber the chemicals become fixed into the timber and cannot be removed. At times the treatment leaves a green residue on the surface which will normally wear off with use. This is a feature that occurs but is not considered a blemish, the residue is not harmful. Although tanalising does protect your building from damaging rot, during the colder months and in damp conditions surface mould can still grow on the surface of the timber. We suggest cleaning this off with a damp cloth. We also suggest regular ventilation of your building to prevent the build-up of condensation in the colder months of the year. 



Our Top Recommendations:  


1 - External Walls - We recommend Barrettine Log Cabin Treatment or Thompsons Water Sealant, 3 coats applied with a paintbrush over a dry day. (if installed during the colder, wetter months, further coats of treatments may be required to completely watertight the building) Click here for a link to this treatment - Thompsons Water Sealant OR Barrenttine Log Cabin Treatment  



2 - Internal Roof - Everbuild Triple Action Wood Treatment to be sprayed 2-3 coats on the internal roof boards within 7 days of installation. 



3 - We recommend adding guttering & a downpipe to your shed, this will help to divert rain away from the walls and base which will help prevent water ingress. 



4 - ONLY APPLIES WITH JOINERY WINDOWS AND DOORS. The Joinery Range Windows & Doors do not come pre-treated. We recommend first treating with Barrettine Premier Universal Preservative, and after 48 hours then coating with Barrenttine Log Cabin Treatment






This product is covered by our 6-month manufacturer's guarantee which covers issues such as dropping doors, leaks and other issues caused by manufacturing or installation. This does not cover shrinkage, expansion, warping or other natural occurrences of timber.


Wood is a natural material meaning the product is subject to changes because of weather conditions and temperature changes. We cannot accept liability for splits, shrinkage, knots, expansion, warping, variations in colour and other natural imperfections. We advise adding bolts to both the top and bottom of all wooden doors to protect against any movement that may occur due to temperature changes.


Your product is made from pressure-treated timber, this protects your building from rot, decay and insect damage but does not make the building watertight. Timber is a natural material that absorbs moisture. The treatments suggested above are needed to keep the building watertight. 


If water ingress occurs in your walls and visible daylight gaps are not present, then the timbers are absorbing moisture which means further treatment is required as they are not currently protected. This can take several coats, especially during the colder and wetter months.  


If gaps do appear due to the natural movement of timber, we recommend using a watertight wood filler to fill these. 


During the colder months, condensation in sheds is normal, this can often appear on the roof and can be tackled with adequate ventilation. All of our buildings come with a ventilation gap at the rear to help with this. The roof treatment suggested above will protect your roof from any damage caused by condensation. 

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